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Discover (the best) restaurants, places and activities in Singapore

Huntingmama makes life a little easier, more exciting, and a whole lot of fun to look forward to. Think adventures, deals, product finds, life hacks and food to savour and enjoy.

From restaurants to hawkers, hidden nature trails to artsy galleries, our  bookmark button on every listing helps you easily create bucket lists or craft exciting itineraries, just like an overseas vacation, without having to fly out of the country. #adventureswithoutflying

Rediscover the thrill of bargain hunting; score a great buy at a sale or get a fun workout simply by checking out sale events and promotions listed here.

We welcome both users and business owners to put up listings because more finds and more hunts just equals to more fun! To add a FREE listing as a user or business owner, simply Create an Account and click on Add Listing at the top right corner of every page.

As you journal your experiences with listings and reviews, you’re helping others find what they want while supporting businesses. At the same time, you enjoy more ways to find what you want, bookmark your favourite eateries, create your customised lists and score even more good food, great deals and fun adventures. To thank you and show our (and many others’) appreciation, you may

  • attain different levels and ranks on our Board of Honor,
  • gain badges and
  • receive periodic gifts / exclusive merchandise

Craving for Korean BBQ, Thai curry, succulent seafood or some other international cuisines? Feeling healthy, or dining with friends who need halal options? On a budget for the rest of the month? Need a romantic place for an intimate celebration? Simply check the relevant options on Huntingmama’s search filters to find RELEVANT options. Or browse listings for 1-for-1 deals, takeaway deals, one-of-a-kind dining options, things to do and more!

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