What is Hunting Mama?

She’s the one to go to when you need to run errands, get your haircut done, have that little snack you have been obsessing about since yesterday, and still have enough budget left over to pick up a little gift for yourself, or someone else.

She’s the one you go to when you can’t decide where to go, when you don’t know what you want to eat, where you want to eat, or even what fun activities there are this weekend.

She’s the one you go to, when you wanna get out of the house for a great day!

Join the Huntingmama community and share about your experiences and your great finds on anything related to dining, shopping, services, things to do or anything that has got to do with an activity you engage in when you go out . Leave a review, add a listing, or compile a bucket list like “Outdoor Places I Wanna Explore” or “Dining Deals to Check Out”. Share your list with others, make it private, or follow others and have adventures without going on a plane!

Get rewarded with product samples and dining vouchers, which will in turn help you provide even more reviews and get rewarded again.  So mài tú liào. Create your account and get started now. 

Wanna leave a review but the restaurant is not listed on our website? Create the listing yourself and collect more points!

Our beliefs

  1. Life should be fun, not mundane. You don’t need to fly out of the country to have an adventure, nor earn a million bucks to feel like a million bucks.
  2. We strive to share the best with you, whether it is prices, benefits or products that add joy to your life.
  3. Less waste, less clutter, more enjoyment. We do not encourage shopping and buying just to hit minimum orders and get free deliveries, but rather to shop for items that will actually be used and will add value to our adventures. Rather than trying to hit minimum orders, we look for ways to obtain free shipping if possible. Ordering stuff only when you need them will also help reduce excessive consumption, forgotten, expired products and consequentially wastage. It also helps to free up storage so that you can have less clutter lying around the house!

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