12 Smart Micro-Habits To Increase Your Daily Productivity

How simple 5-minute actions can lead to big results. Increasing your productivity doesn’t have to be rocket science. No need for complicated productivity systems, new apps, or Navy SEAL-level [...]


I Embarked on a 7-Day Challenge to Incorporate 1-2 Cups of Water into my Morning Routine and This is What Happened

I have what you can call – Morning Water Nausea Syndrome. I get nauseous when I drink more than half a cup of water in the morning. In addition, I often feel heavily fatigued in the [...]

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Daiso Haul – June 2021

Daiso is one of the best places to find hacks and good stuff at super affordable prices. Read on for a short run through of the items in this haul or scroll all the way to the bottom for a sped [...]


Grace Based Discipline

I woke up to a screaming Talia this morning because things weren’t going her way. She has this tendency to become super demanding after a bout of illness. Maybe it’s because when [...]


Korean BBQ

If you’re a fan of Korean BBQ, this post is for you! Here, we feature a couple of Korean BBQ joints that we have personally hunted down and tried. If you’d rather just jump straight [...]