Daiso Haul – June 2021

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Total damage in above photo: $22

Daiso is one of the best places to find hacks and good stuff at super affordable prices. Read on for a short run through of the items in this haul or scroll all the way to the bottom for a sped up video of the round-up!

This soft clay is different from Play Doh because it’s made in Japan, and is more suitable for craft work because it hardens when you air dry it for a few days. It is also less sticky and messy than Play Doh.

Beautiful notebooks never fail to brighten up a work day because it’s just so much more inspiring to pen down my thoughts or brainstorm with nice stationery. “Catch Your Dreams” is a lined book, great for writing, while the kraft notebook on the right contains blank pages. I use the one on the right for both me and my kids’ drawing sessions. Loose paper usually end up creating a mess and being dumped. I like to keep drawings in a book so I can look back on how our drawings have progressed or changed over time.

These nail polish strips are super affordable at $2. I figured the quality can’t be that bad since they’re made in Korea. I’ve always been curious about these nail stickers that’s been all the rage this season but I never had the confidence that I’d be able to make them work ya know what I mean. At $2, these are great for guilt-free try-ons to see if these really work for me.

Japanese coffee, less sweet version in various “flavors” at $2 for 2 cans. Not sure what Arabiki means, or how “Richness and Aroma” would taste, but I’m pretty sure they’d beat the Starbucks frappucino I picked from NTUC at almost $3 a bottle and tasted more like sugar water than coffee. Stay tuned to our stories (or maybe highlights) on our Instagram for review updates on them!

Somen is my alternative to Maggie Mee. It takes 3mins to cook, (2.5mins as stated but I find it a tad too hard at 2.5mins) and is great paired with frozen braised pork for a quick lunch. Even if you don’t have pre-cooked frozen sides, it goes perfect with somen or soba sauce and you can add on a half boiled egg (you know how the Japanese restaurants serve soba with watery egg) or some kimchi as a side for a super quick homecooked lunch.

I love rice crackers and they fill me up when I get my hunger pangs in between meals. The packet size has shrunk significantly over the years but I don’t really mind because it’s still much cheaper than Muji and I don’t worry about it losing its freshness if I take too long to finish a big packet.

These are what me and my kids call Gemstones. I use them to reward the kids for certain desirable behavior. Not for altruistic acts because I’d rather they focus on the intrinsic value than to expect an external reward for that. What I do instead is use this so that I only have to nag 5 times instead of 20 to get them to pack up, and to repeat myself 3 times to get them to come to the dinner table, instead of a hundred times. Each glass bead has its own unique designs and the kids love picking each design out for themselves. It’s also great for counting exercises above 10 for younger kids.

That’s all for today’s haul and I hope I’ve found some finds that are great for you!

Sped up video round up of today’s haul! 🙂

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