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Deliveroo, FoodPanda, GrabFood, WhyQ and inhouse delivery. Do you freeze for 3 seconds every time you whip out your phone to order food because you’re not sure which delivery partner is delivering for the restaurant you have in mind?

Now you no longer have to crack your head. Just check the “delivery” field in the filter list, or filter only from those delivery partners you want and you voilà! You get to choose from the complete list of eateries that deliver!

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It’s about making full use of whatever ongoing food deals there are at the moment. Did you know that you have enough food deals under your credit cards combined, that you can dine at a different place every weekend, while having fun exploring new eats that you otherwise might not try? Go on, scroll down for the complete list of all food deals and make good use of them before they expire!


Deals below $10

Did you know that many self-made millionaires had good discipline when it came to budgeting and managing their finances?

Join the club by following our list of deals below $10 so you can stick to your budget without having to eat like a pauper. Let us do your hunting for you, all you have to do is check your personalised filters 🙂


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1-for-1 deals always make me happy. The problem with them is, sometimes they can be so elusive and hard to find. Or all over the place. Where is that sushi deal that looks so good? Was it bank A, bank B, or from dining app C, or dining app D? Here, we collate all the deals for you so you have the widest repertoire, complete with filters so you can filter out those that are not applicable for you.

Go on; share the joy without having to share your portion!

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Grab the best food deals in Singapore

In Singapore, food is something you simply can’t ignore or be oblivious about. Whether you’re in the mood to dine in with your friends or family in a premium restaurant, satiate on street food or chill at home with kitchen-only delivery options, Huntingmama offers great food deals in Singapore.

Fulfill your desire for good food around Singapore while keeping to your budget by using promo codes from Grabfood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo, WhyQ and more. Get food served to your doorsteps or explore new dining options that you’ve never tried before.

Find great discounts and get meals starting from as low as $10 or even less on selected foods from local restaurants, cafes or even bars. Do not miss out on exclusive offers that can bring you great food at low prices in Singapore.

Diverse food scene that defines Singapore

Singapore has been a popular destination for globetrotters. Of the many reasons that bring people here, the diverse culinary landscape remains one of the mainstay of this Southeast Asian city-state.

Discover a unique amalgam of cultural influences in the food from the Chinese, Malay, Indian, , Eurasian communities and more. The food culture in Singapore has evolved over the years to impress every food aficionado in the world.

Despite the great diversity and number of food options available here, you do not have to dig deep into your pockets. Huntingmama has amazing food deals in Singapore that not just satisfy your cravings but save you money too.

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Singapore’s Popular & Affordable Street Food

Check out the things to do category on our website and create an itinerary using our Make a List function. Bear in mind to also try the street food Singapore is growing popular for or taste the new flavours and iterations given to Singapore-style Western food that utilise only local ingredients.

With more than 100 hawker centers around, you’ll be blown away by the smorgasbord of delectable food and meals served at reasonable prices in Singapore. In fact, two hawker stalls have been Michelin Starred, giving testament to the vibrancy that street food has added to the industry.

We know you wouldn’t want to miss out on the world-class food at a great prices so browse and find the best food deals in Singapore today!

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