How do I put up a listing?

After you have created an account, simply click on (desktop) or (mobile) at the top right corner to start posting.

What kind of listings can I put up?

All business that cater to end consumers can be listed on in the relevant category. If there is no relevant category to post the listing you have, please contact us for assistance.

Why is the listing I put up under someone else’s account now?

At the end of the day, it is the business that is in the best position to provide up-to-date information about themselves. The business itself can claim the listing and manage the information in it so that all of us can get accurate information about it. Reviews, on the other hand are personal experiences written by end consumers who have personally tried the product or service of the business.


How do I post a review?

After logging into your account, search for the listing that you would like to review on and click on the pen icon. If there is no listing for the business you would like to review on, you may create a listing on the business and then post a review on the listing you have created.

Can businesses edit/delete reviews then?

Businesses only have the option to respond to reviews, but are unable to make any modifications to the reviews per se. Negative feedback/reviews are welcomed but please be kind. Huntingmama reserves the right to request for moderation of comments that are overly or unnecessarily harsh. Contributors who repeatedly disregard this guideline may have their account suspended.

Does it make a difference if I leave a one-word review versus a quality review?

A quality review is one that provides information that is helpful to other huntingmama users. Constructive feedback also give establishments a chance to improve themselves so future customers can have better experiences while the businesses may see improvements in their takings.

When you consistently provide quality reviews, these are the things that can happen.

  1. You increase visibility to other businesses who might request for you to review their business/product
  2. You may receive rewards given by from time to time or get exclusive invites to food tastings or products to review.

Can I create another listing for the same business?

Yes and no. Businesses can have multiple listings as long as each listing is for a different location. However, in order for the directory to be functional, there is a limit of one listing per business per location. Please refrain from creating duplicate listings. In the event that a duplicate listing is made, the listing that was created later will be merged with the one that was created first.

How do I get the points?

All you need to do is create an account. All relevant contributions and facebook shares made will be automatically awarded points directly to your account.

Why did I get negative points?

Reviews in violation of our policies will be taken down and points that were awarded for them will therefore be removed. When a listing is made for a business that has already closed down, the listing and awarded points will also be taken down.

Do my points, levels and badges expire?

No they do not expire.

Are there any rewards for achieving my levels and how do I redeem them?

Yes. We are constantly sourcing for partners to come up with programs to reward our contributors. We will also try to periodically reward contributors with our favourite products. All you need to do is remain an active contributor to be eligible for our rewards ie your last contribution or share should be made within the last 30 days.

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