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If you’re a fan of Korean BBQ, this post is for you!

Here, we feature a couple of Korean BBQ joints that we have personally hunted down and tried. If you’d rather just jump straight to the full listings of Korean BBQ we have on Huntingmama, click here.

List of Huntingmama’s Tried and Tested Korean BBQ Joints

Superstar K2

Korean Side Dishes Bachan

This is the second outlet of Superstar K which is just across the street.

There’s a mixture of opinions within myself as I try to write a review on this. Let’s talk about the food first. For the Korean BBQ, we ordered Prime Rib ($29.90), Pork Belly ($19.90) and Spicy Chicken ($18). The prime rib was juicy, flavorful, thick yet tender. Really good and worth the extra moolah.

Beef Ribs Cooking on Grill

The pork belly and spicy chicken however were pretty meh. I’m not sure if it was because we had the prime rib first, and that it was so good it made the rest pale in comparison, but all three of us felt like there wasn’t much flavor in the pork belly. The chicken was ordinary, nothing much to shout about.

Tray with Condiments

The free flow kimchi and side dishes were good. We enjoyed them and had to get additional helpings.

Service wise, every table has a waiter grilling their meat for them so you can just sit back and focus on eating. BUT, the waiter serving us had a long face through out the whole time. Not that I minded since my eyes were on the food most of the time. It was only when we had to ask him whether they had Korean tea, “how about barley tea”, “can I have another pair of chopsticks” that it became quite an ordeal. He looked like we owed him a million bucks and I felt like I was being scolded when he responded to our questions lol.

There was another waitress who was much more accommodating when she attended to us so I guess it really depends on who you get.

Ambience wise, the eatery does have an authentic ahjumma eatery feel, which also translates to pretty tight spaces.

All in all, it’s a place I’d go back to, especially for the beef ribs.

Overall rating: 7.5/10, (8+ for the beef and side dishes)
?: Superstar K2, 98 Tanjong Pagar Road S(088519)

K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet

I really wanted to like this, especially seeing somewhat positive reviews from other popular food blogs. Eat-all-you can korean bbq buffet sounds super exciting to me, until I realise that it probably means you have to cook your food yourself. I’m not a fan of sitting at the table, watching and waiting for my food to sizzle to the right doneness.

There are a number of side dishes, drinks, fruits and soups included in the buffet. Side dishes include pickled radish, which looked very plain and white, chillis in soy sauce (???), kimchi which was on the drier side, kimchi pancakes, japchae, drumlets, gimbap etc. We didn’t manage to find any side dishes that made our eyes twinkle. Usually when we dine at Korean restaurants, the side dishes are such a hit with us that we down half a bowl of rice with the sides before the mains even arrive. Sadly, this didn’t happen at K.Cook. The japchae was a little underwhelming too. The kimchi pancake and drumlets were ok, but nothing to shout about.

Korean Japchae or Glass Noodles and Drumlets

The seaweed soup was probably the only dish that made us happy. The seaweed taste in the soup is gao gao and there was a generous amount of soft, smooth seaweed in the soup.

Meats Grilling on the Korean BBQ Grill installed into the table

The main meats available are pork belly, prawns, squid, prime rib and spicy chicken. We tried everything I listed here, except the spicy chicken. Everything was unseasoned except the prime rib. Shawn thinks the prime rib tasted like satay, and I felt that it was too sugary sweet. It was tender, which is a big plus, but nothing like the thick glorious slab we had at K Star a few weeks back, and the shiokness definitely a far cry from K Star. The other meats were fresh, but completely tasteless. The squid had a good texture but tasted like squid cooked in water. Prawns had the basic prawn sweetness but that was about it.

By the end of the meal, I was exhausted from the cookout, full but unsatisfied. It felt much more like a backyard bbq than a korean bbq. The bill for two of us came up to $60+, which is almost as much as what we paid at Kstar for 3 girls.

Sorry K.Cook fans, but I don’t think I will ever be back again.

Decor with Wide Spaces and Light Pendants

P/S: I read numerous comments that the lunch buffet is very value for money at $16.90++ on weekdays. If you like tender meats and don’t mind a cookout, and are prepared to season your meats yourself, it might still be a great choice.

Rating: 6.5/10 (Based on review of 2 objective diners and the price of $24.90++/person)
?: K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet
Orchard Central L7-01
181 Orchard Rd S238896


I was soooo excited to finally be able to try this that I kept shouting “Go!’ at my friend before saying the letter “K” in a normal voice.

Poster of Aged Beef Short Ribs

If you love korean bbq meat, this is THE place. Most of the meat here is aged so you’d have to expect to fork out more than usual but if you take into account the quality of the meats, then it is really something worth paying for.

I don’t know about the rest because I only tried the Aged Short Rib and my golly it is the BEST korean bbq meat I’ve ever had. It’s the juiciest, tastiest meat, with the perfect fat ratio, texture, bite and cut. The temperature of the pan is taken before the meats are placed in it to be grilled to perfection.

We were advised to go for medium rare and though we usually go for medium well, we decided to go along with popular recommendation to ensure the best experience. Once the meat is cooked, it is put aside on a grill so that it doesn’t continue cooking or dry up (unlike Superstar K).

There is a rule that the first order must consist of two portions of the same meat if you’re ordering ala carte. Instead of cooking all the beef at one go, the waiter/chef cooks one portion, then waits for you to finish your meat before coming back to cook the other portion.

Talk about attention to detail. It’s like they really care that you get the best out of their meats.

The meat is so good I mainly ate it with salt. It’s nice with the korean sauce, kimchi and whatnot but it was really SO good by itself I only wanted to taste the full flavor of the beef itself.

Cooked Beef Meat Resting on a Rack

We were given complimentary japchae, a bowl of spring onion/leek looking salad, a platter of pickled assorted veges and steamed egg. Out of all these, only the leek salad was good and even went well with the beef. The rest were either to exotic/weird for me or too bland. Maybe that is true authentic korean food but I can’t really appreciate it. Steamed egg was fluffy but bland too.

Pickled Vegetables and Bachan

The waiter told us that for 2 pax, we should go for the mandatory two portions of 1 meat, plus 1 portion of another meat. We ended up ordering only 2 portions of the aged short ribs because I was thinking of ordering the korean cold noodles later into the meal. The waiter asked us “Is that all?” with a slightly incredulous look and then started mumbling to another waiter, and we felt like somehow we have broken an unspoken rule by ordering only two servings.

Eh actually two of us don’t need so much jap chae or the entire bowl of egg eh. We couldn’t finish them also. Anyway, we ended up not ordering the korean noodles like we planned because we were sooooooo full after the meat and the side dishes.

Without hitting the unspoken quota, we spent $89 for two persons with an order of two portions of aged short ribs, two rice and a bottle of water. We ate till super full and my friend almost shed tears because the beef was soooo good. We couldn’t finish the egg and the jap chae, partly because we were too full and partly because they weren’t very nice. As for the pickled veges, I had one mouthful of each and ran as far away from them as I could. Dunno how to appreciate ’em these pickled korean stuff with my korean bbq lol.

Will I go back again? YES!!! My main objective is the meat not the side dishes anyway.

Entrance of Go!-K BBQ

Rating: 9.5/10 (Meat), Atmosphere (8/10), Side dishes (6.5/10)
?: Go! K-BBQ
76 Amoy Street S069895

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