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365 Juices Bar

Cut fruits and many types of fruit juices and smoothies from 100% natural fruits

Wolf Burgers

Famous for their gourmet burger with light toasted and buttered bun. The size of the burger is fairly huge with the price paid. They have...


Handpull lan zhou chinese la mian, that comes in soup and fried fry type. Famous of their broth type beef la mian, namely Siganture Sauce...

Wine Connection

Wine Connection is a wine shop cum wine-themed restaurant. Enjoy your freshly-purchased wine with the food served in the restaurant.


An Astons fried chicken chain with Astons sides, serving chickens and burgers


Frozen yoghurt (froyo) with various toppings such as fruits, chocolates, biscuits, nuts and sauces,


A local brand in Singapore serving quality and affordable western cuisine, Expect long queue, especially during weekends.

YUMIKO Grain + Yoghurt

A variety of yoghurt drinks with fruits and grains

Arnold’s Fried Chicken

One of the pioneer halal eateries serving local fried chicken in combo meal(with potato fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, buns and soft drinks) or a-la-carte.

Si Chuan Ming Xiao Chi 四川名小吃

Serving Si Chuan noodles and dumplings. Popular for their cold noodles, and expect longer queue on weekends


Singapore’s first Mazesoba (Japanese dry ramen) shop. The Nagoya style is their signature. Free noodle upsize and soup for dining-in.

Beard Papa’s

Japanese cream puff with double layered puff–choux on the inside, and pie crust on the outside and a large variety of cream filling.

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