Your contributions can have a great impact on local businesses. At the same time, they enrich and improve the adventures of many others so we’d like to recognise them!

May Giveaway Alert!
For the month of May, we are having a giveaway for active contributors with the following levels.

Gifts available are limited and updated here in real-time. As long as the item is stated available here at the time you achieve the relevant point level, you will be entitled to the gift! Happy journaling!

500 Points

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

Fully Redeemed

1125 Points

Atomic Habits: The life-changing million copy bestseller

2725 Points

Renpho Shiatsu Back Massager Seat Cushion with Vibration, Heat and Deep Kneading


ActivityNo. of Points
Review¹10 points per review
Listing²25 points per listing

Reviews have to be honest and of your personal experience. Negative feedback/reviews are welcomed but please be kind. We will request for moderation of comments that are overly or unnecessarily harsh. Contributors who repeatedly disregard this guideline may have their account suspended.

To qualify for points, listings must
• be complete
• provide accurate information at the time of listing.
• include 1 photo of which you have the rights or permission to publish the photo on

*Listings with less than 80% accuracy for factual information like business hours, deal hours etc will not be awarded point

Please note:
• Only 1 listing per business per location. You may post multiple outlets of the same business but please do not create duplicate entries of the exact shop location. If an approved listing already exists, duplicate listings will be merged and points awarded for them may be retracted.

Huntingmama reserves the right to edit information to ensure accuracy and quality.


Level 10 pointsNo badge
Level 215 pointsNo badge
Level 375 pointsNo badge
Level 4250 points
Level 5500 points
Level 61,500 points
Level 75,000 points
Level 815,000 points
Level 950,000 points
Level 10100,000 points

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